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What is a Credit Reference?

Similar to a reference for a job, a credit reference is a form of “double checking.” …

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Refinancing Your Vehicle – Pros and Cons

Reduce Your Interest Rate

One of the best reasons to refinance a car loan…

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Dealing with Debt Collectors

While ignoring phone calls from collections may seem like a simple fix, it isn’t. There are many better ways to…

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Credit Challenged and trying to avoid Public Transportation? We have your Solution!

Your own vehicle provides you with much needed freedom when planning outings. …

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How car loans help with improving your credit

When you get your car (new or used), you are adding to your credit.  It adds…

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Summertime & Getting a Car

When you think about Summer moments, what do you think about? 

Road trips? …

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My vehicle payment is due, but I can’t pay it because of COVID-19: Here is how Auto lenders are doing to help.

If your finances have been affected by COVID-19, Auto loan lenders are stepping in to help…

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10 Common Car Loan Misconceptions

We all get stressed when we’re trying to negotiate car loan deals, but that doesn’t mean that we all need…

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Car Financing Options for New Canadian Immigrants

Diversity in Canada is rising and only increasing at a record rate. The Canadian public is no longer atypical, it’s…

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How Hard Is It To Get A Car Loan?

These days, it’s very difficult for most of us to function in everyday life without a car. As well as being a fantastic way to…

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