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How Do Credit Checks Impact Your Score? Credit check for car loan in toronto

Your credit score is the single most important metric for many credit lenders when deciding whether to grant you a loan.
To assess whether you…

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Can Newcomers Get Approved For Car Loans? Welcome To Canada Flag With Mountains

Have you just arrived in Canada, ready to start you new life in the Great White North? With its booming economy, infamously friendly citizens and…

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7 Tips to Save you Money On Your Car Loan Refinance Quickly Car Loan Refinance Money Calculations

So you’ve managed to fill out all the forms, hand over all the documents, and fulfill all the criteria to get yourself a car loan.

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Car Loans Explained Car Loans Explained

According to the Globe and Mail, approximately 57 percent of Canadians choose to finance their vehicle purchase by getting a car loan. To learn…

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