Have you given up on finding a loan due to unestablished credit? Have you been turned away by other lenders because of your bad credit score? Have you been denied by dealerships since your credit history is a bit questionable? If you have, then you are in luck (finally) because you have stumbled upon Autoloans.ca — the place to be for all of your car loan in Guelph needs! 

We are extremely proud to say that we have been able to get people behind the wheels of their well-deserved cars in 48 hours after they have submitted the initial application form. You really won’t find that sort of efficiency anywhere else! 

Here at Autoloans.ca, we understand that a car is more than a vehicle — it’s a lifeline for you to provide for your family, get from A to B and have a good time and enjoy your life with your loved ones. It is a necessity in today’s world, that’s for sure. Because of this, we believe you shouldn’t be penalized for a poor credit score. With this in mind, we will talk and coach you through the whole process, rather than just try and sell you products or processes, to ensure we provide you with the lowest, most affordable interest rate. 

Not to mention that we offer a 30-day vehicle exchange policy (which no other company in Ontario does, by the way) so you can swap out your first vehicle from us with another from our inventory if you decide it doesn’t really fit your needs. How good is that, right? We know so. How can we be so confident, we hear you ask? Well, it all comes down to our portfolio of overwhelmingly happy clients — seriously, just check the testimonials! 

Steps to Applying for Car Loans in Guelph

To start with, you must fill out our application form which is on our website. It is extremely simple to do since we only ask for basic information; it will only take a few moments and then you can hit submit. 

You should then expect a call back from your designated Finance Manager who will talk with you in more detail about your application. Once this has happened, our wonderful staff member will search through our database of lenders to find you the car loan that is right for you. We guarantee to give you the lowest interest rates you could ever hope to obtain. How? Because we don’t make a profit from this stage, we have no one else to think about except you. Through the entirety of the process, Autoloans.ca will put you first. 

After your credit has been checked and the loan has been approved — which, by the way, we can safely assume it will be! — the fun part begins. At this stage, you will be presented with a selection of vehicles which are comparable with the loan rate you have been offered. Whatever it is, we most certainly have it since our inventory contains over 5,000 cars in all shapes, sizes, makes and models. 

Next, we will finalize all the paperwork ourselves (you don’t have to lift a finger) and then the entire deal will be sorted. All there is left to do now is for you to tell us the location, date and time for your car to be delivered to you by one of our friendly employees. 

It is probably best to tell you now that we are the only company in Ontario to offer a 30-day vehicle exchange policy! So, if you realize within a month’s time that the car doesn’t completely tick every “need” or “want” off of your list, then let us know and we will swap it out with another one from extensive collection. That’s how confident we are that you will love our cars! 

Who Do We Help Acquire Car Loans in Guelph?

We never turn people away. What does this mean exactly? Basically, we help anybody and everybody to find car loans in Guelph! The sheer number of people who have come to us in despair because their credit score and history is not up to the standard that traditional lenders expect. However, we have managed to turn that despair into happiness due to our amazing processes, people and resources we have at our disposal to help you (with your less than good credit score) acquire the best loan possible. 

If you are skeptical about any of this, we advise you to take a look at the wonderful testimonies our clients have left us so you can see our work benefiting real people.

You Can Get Car Loans in Guelph With Us Even If…

  • You have filed for consumer proposal or bankruptcy
  • You have been denied for car loans in Guelph previously due to bad credit
  • You have been declined by other dealers because of your lack of credit
  • You have only recently migrated to Canada
  • You own a car you would like trade-in
  • You deal with various personal and financial difficulties


The majority of people who contact us do not believe in our ability to get them approved because of their less than average credit score and history. But, once the deal was all done and dusted, they were thrilled and had nothing but faith in themselves, us and the fact that their life can be rebuilt. We are proud to know that all of us here at Autoloans.ca can spark that feeling in our customers — and we want to do that for you too! 

If you just want to be approved quickly for a car loan in Guelph and are tired of being declined by the average lender, fill in our online application right this instant! You will be thrilled with how rapidly your new car will be parked on your driveway. More information can be found by contacting us here.

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