Heartfelt for Hardship: Auto Loan Company Saves The Holidays For a Mom In Need

Posted by on December 03, 2019 @08:49:26 EST
  • Local Ontario mother of two lost her job and could no longer afford her car payments.
  • One of her children has special needs which required her to have a larger SUV. 
  • Autoloans.ca paid her loan payments and auto insurance for a year to help.

TORONTO, ONTARIOAutoloans.ca has saved the holidays for a local Ontario mother of two by covering her car loan repayments and insurance premiums for one year. Tracy reached out, after recently losing her job to find something more affordable because she was struggling to make the installments on her 2017 Dodge Journey. That’s when Autoloans.ca did something more auto loan companies should consider. Here is that story: 

Tracey, a single mother of two, originally contacted Autoloans.ca back in January 5th, 2018, to organize a car loan for her and her two children. Arden, an Autoloans.ca sales representative, was there to take the call and was touched by her story. Tracy explained that she was without a car for several years and had resorted to walking everywhere with her children, including between her two jobs. 

She was looking for a three row SUV, which seemed unnecessarily large to Arden at the time. However, Tracey explained that her 8 year old son has special needs and could lash out at her 10 year old daughter when they were seated next to each other in smaller cars. “It’s not fair to her if she is there”, explained Tracey, which is when Arden knew he had to work hard to get Tracy in the car she needed.

Autoloans.ca successfully negotiated a 2017 Dodge Journey for Tracey, which she was thrilled with as she could now reliably get to and from work and do other things most of us take for granted, like visiting her parents out of town with her kids.

Unfortunately, 7 months later, Arden received an email from Tracey, explaining that she had recently lost one of her two jobs and enquired whether she could trade in her car for a smaller one to lower her monthly repayments.

Already knowing how much the larger car meant to her for the sake of her children, Arden knew he had to help. In the previous year, a gesture of kindness was made by the company for another customer that fell on hard times so he took this situation straight to AutoLoans.ca CEO, Roger Ryall. 

Then, something great happened, “We told her we would pay one year of her loan repayments and car insurance to help her get back on her feet”, explains Arden, “and she was so thrilled with the news”.

It is their business model and mission at Autoloans.ca to help thousands of people get back on their feet after suffering personal and financial hardship.  They work tirelessly to get their car loans approved, even if their credit is low or they do not have a well established credit history. They even offer credit repair programs and coaching to help improve people’s credit scores and set them up for a bright future. It’s all part of the goal to leave people in a better financial position than when they found them. 

“We focus on purpose over profit, and coach our customers to get back on track and improve their credit” explains Roger Ryall, CEO of Autoloans.ca. “Especially during the holidays, we are more aware of the kinds of hardships people are going through. That’s why we are proud that autoloans.ca is alway there to help”. Autloans.ca takes a proactive role in helping clients who need it most, continues Ryall, by providing special assistance to exceptional cases in their client base.

Autloans.ca also offers an industry-leading 30 day vehicle swap guarantee for their clients. This service allows for customers to try out their vehicle for a month, and if they find that it doesn’t quite meet their needs, they are able to return and exchange it for a different vehicle. To add even more value and convenience to their services, Autoloans.ca offers free delivery of new vehicles to anywhere in Ontario. 

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